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What We Do

Public Affairs

Every decision we make leaves a footprint that weaves our story.

At Intelligethics, we assist in building and maintaining a strong reputation and find common ground amongst stakeholders. We liaise clients with international organizations, media outlets, governments, institutions and NGOs on institutional related matters.



The science of communication is using words to convey a message. The art of communication is understanding what isn’t said.

At Intelligethics, we understand that an effective communications plan is essential to the success of an organization. Forging and maintaining channels of connection with key audiences creates favourable conditions for the advancement of the organization’s objectives.

Stakeholder Engagement & Partnerships

It is easy to believe in freedom of speech for those with whom we agree.

At Intelligethics, we believe there is always a common denominator even at the most basic level from which to start a conversation from seemingly opposing arguments. Even if challenging, we liaise with relevant stakeholders to strengthen relations and align institutional agendas and activities.

If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Intelligethics’ versatile background contributes to effectively engaging a wide array of stakeholders through skilled articulation, sharp communication and diplomatic skill, while aligning agendas towards a common goal.


Government Relations

To persuade, you must appeal to interest rather than intellect.

At Intelligethics, we work on strategic issues that have the potential to impact your organization, how it does business, how it interacts with its stakeholders and how is regulated by the government.

Strategy is a pattern in a stream of decisions. A vision without strategy remains an illusion.

At Intelligethics, we design a blueprint for the strategy of organizations. Working extensively with your team, we assess the viability and best course of action given the existing variables, as well risk assessment and scenario analysis.


Never overlook the link between risk and opportunity.

Risk is the probability of an event and both its positive and negative consequences, including the risk of not being properly positioned to take advantage of favorable consequences. At Intelligethics, we assist in identifying internal and external vulnerabilities within your organization that may be circumvented through preemptive action. We recommend an adequate management of risk and explore potential opportunities.

Risk Assessment


If you think compliance is expensive... try non-compliance.

In addition to a call for action by the public, a widening compliance profile is stemming from increased scrutiny by regulators. At Intelligethics, we assist organizations in establishing structures, processes, and systems to identify and effectively manage risk. 

Regulatory & Policy Analysis

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act but a habit.

Most industries have experienced an increase in regulation and enforcement, pushing institutions to noncompliance and possible sanctions. At Intelligethics, we address current fundamental policy challenges and provide a core set of tools in regulatory analysis, policy design and evaluation. We provide a blueprint of the different frameworks of regulatory strategy and, alongside counsel, shed light on the loopholes in the system.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Not only protect the environment. Create the environment.

There is a path to access the realm of social accountability. At Intelligethics, we understand the power of an organization committed to the greater good. Thus, we develop self-regulated frameworks of policies and protocols favoured by stakeholders on imminent issues. The implementation of resolutions regarded as industry standard are integral to an organization’s profit maximization.

Governance & the Board

It takes the same effort to strategize on a small issue than a big one. Yet it takes an altogether different level of responsibility.

It is impossible not to ride the wave of change. Contemporary pressures towards greater coherence, transparency and accountability have amplified institutional risks by exposing the practical limits of governance and Board liability. At Intelligethics, we frame the structure of governance in terms of risk and provide ways of managing institutional threats by mitigating the most forthcoming issues.


Sooner or later, those who win are those who think they can.

Two important qualities of leadership are a clear sense of direction and clarity of communication. At Intelligethics, we support leaders through a process that enhances strong vision, optimizes communication with key audiences, conveys inspirational and evidence-based messages, ascertains intrinsic influence and incites stakeholder support.

Reputation Management

It takes years to build a reputation and minutes to destroy it.

Reputation issues often center on challenging conflicts of ethical values or rights between organizations and the public. At Intelligethics, we navigate complex environments and build a comfortable framework that conciliates ethical requirements, transparency requests and the need for trust.

Ignorance is rarely bliss.

At Intelligethics, we understand that information is power. Thus, we take advantage of the many tools and empirical methods available to fundament a statement with validation from the most reliable institutions in order to educate key audiences.


Being challenged in times of crisis is inevitable. Being defeated is optional.

It is an imperative to understand the subtle changes in the forthcoming scenarios, for it is an intelligent premise to accommodate to the new environment... or die in a seemingly random ecosystem. At Intelligethics, we assist in foreseeing imminent threats and proactively address policy and reputation issues that could affect the organization’s objectives and ultimate stability. Alongside legal counsel, we help navigate challenging decisions within complex settings.

Issues and Crisis Management

Market Research and Analysis

Reliable metrics are the inescapable eloquence of the obvious.

Quantitative analysis and market research are very much intertwined in the fabric of a well-crafted strategy, for they support the fundamental pillars that validate the plea for advocacy. At Intelligethics, we provide evidence to the elusive relationship between cause and effect as a defining element upon which a strong hypothesis and reliable conclusions can be built.

Media Monitoring

The more you search, the more you find.

At Intelligethics, we thoroughly research, analyse and report on global social, economic, political and industry news and trends that might affect the smooth development of an organization’s agenda.

Media Relations

Facts can’t breach the world where our believes inhabit. Perception IS truth.

The media landscape is in constant need to skillfully identify valuable information. At Intelligethics, we provide evidence-based reports that shape audience perceptions and build bridges of trust through reliable sources. We develop a wide platform of support within international and regional media, key in magnifying an organization’s messaging and solid presence.

Information vs Fake News

Nothing is so unbelievable that a good script cannot make it acceptable.

At Intelligethics, we educate our audiences to discriminate between official vs unofficial information through a thorough identification of the media landscape, trainings and monitoring of the news.

Transparency & Institutional Risk Assessment

Transparency vs discretion is the art of managing risk vs the right to know.

Institutions are unable to absorb the financial blow of a risk failure. Facing increased scrutiny from their funding community, many institutions are trying to stay out of the limelight. At Intelligethics, we assess and manage internal and external circumstances in order to anticipate and respond to the most serious transparency exposures that could compromise the ability of an organization to function.


Corruption is no longer only about the corrupt.

Increased international pressure to hold organizations liable for corruption has prompted organizations to develop mitigation programs. Robust anti-bribery compliance procedures are essential to ensuring that companies are well prepared to prevent, detect, and respond to bribery.

At Intelligethics, we assist in traversing the strenuous path to obtain Compliance & Anti-Bribery Certifications, which provides legal defense, avoids remediation costs, promotes trust and mitigates reputational damage.

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