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About Us

At Intelligethics, we assist clients concerned with governance and successful reform processes, regulatory & policy analysis, governance, transparency, government relations, stakeholder engagement, strategic communications, reputation management and positioning, compliance, partnerships, advocacy, risk assessment, social responsibility, education, issues & crisis management, market research and media relations.

With more than two decades of experience assisting issues-prone industries, we define an attainable vision for success in ventures with regional and global impact. We identify the viability of projects, develop tangible criteria for success and produce measurable results, while building consensus from different stakeholders through effective partnerships that convey evidence-based information.


We value professionalism, reliability and dedication throughout the length of our engagements. We have a track record of success in traversing challenging tasks that demand strategic vision, exemplary diplomatic skill and keen execution. While consolidating a wider platform of support in the global discussion to shape the future, we assist organizations under an ever-demanding environment of complexity. 

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